Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What a night.

Great meeting, crew! Saw some fresh new faces eager to learn. A reminder that our meetings our open to absolutely everyone. Fortunately it was a slow night at work so I got to hang out for a bit. After a quick Google search, knitted & crocheted fanny packs are not too common. And the patterns are dull. Let's see what we can do about that. I have a pair of garbage jeans I'm going to cut up and experiment with for our next project.... who has the biggest hook? We need to have some sort of web album for all of our photos. I have some great ones that were sent to us, but I don't want to overload our blog with photos from the same event. Looks like Flickr is Blogger compatible, or I can just create a slide show. At least I don't have to work tomorrow!

Check out this cool spot on The Resurgence of Knitting that was on NPR last week. Street Color, a yarnbomber from the bay area, makes an appearance.

Then set your eyes on this find from the Wooster Collective. INTI from Chili. Great stitch work!

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