Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am being thwarted at every turn! So I got a new phone. One of those nifty Android phones. So far I love it. Then I found out I can blog straight onto here from the phone! Squeeeeee! I go to post a blog from something I found on Facebook. Which generally I can keep up with on the Fancy Phone, but for some reason I can't find the post on the phone version, only on the computer. Sigh... Then I think that I may have posted a blog on this group already, and I should mention that. I can't find the post. Sigh...

So. Hopefully I've got this thing figured out. It's a yarnbombing group out of Japan, called Que d'Accord. The name is a pun on "ke do ko" which means "woolen octopus". So cute! I really should leave the article for you all to read, it's so interesting. And the work is so cool! I wish I could go there and see it in person!

And on a side note; can't wait for the Valentine's Day doings! Crocheting away...

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