Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't let this post fool you. I have more yarn than cats.

Hey! First, it's magnificent outside today! I hope that after you read this, you go and take this weather in. We all deserve it. In fact, I'm sewing a dress for exactly this kind of weather. That is another blog entry for another day...

Next. I have been threatening to post the link to this blog for weeks now. I think that the other KGC members think I made it up. But I didn't.See...


It's so much cute, you just might explode. If you are in a position to help out a kitty, please do. I wish I were. I have two right now, and my sinuses let me know, daily, that they are not happy with my decision. But they are great cats. I couldn't imagine a world without them.

This is Vince. Don't let the serious face fool you. He is a ball of love and energy.

Hope to see you tonight!

KGC takes a hike

So much has happened since my last post, including this article which may force me to change my name yet AGAIN. But hey, Captain Hook was an easy one. I'll go back to CamusKnitty, thank you very much. I'm also glad we started years ago! Here's another article about bombings in TX. While I was preparing for Low Lifes 3 at work the other day, I found the piece that Olek added to the mix last year. Any more links? Oh yes yes.
Here is Ishknits recent installation outside of the Philli Museum of Art.

OG's KnittaPlease hit up 99 Trees in Austin, TX.

Now for a little tour of my vacation.
I found the most beautiful tree on the beach in Maui.
And I made it better.
Then I went to another beach....

And another beach... black rock by Barbara!

And this one went in the downtown area.

Here's some work from the Maui locals. Looks like they need some help!

And then we went to San Diego!

Now it's back to Hartford.
 This one went up across from the Wadsworth, but the one by Arch St. is still standing!

Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday). Same time, same place.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and when our thoughts and fancies do not turn to romance, hope that the weather gets and stays warmer or taxes, we think of cleaning.

I'm about due for spring cleaning and in addition to going through the appliances, clothes, and other odds and ends that can clutter my apartment, I have to think of my yarn stash.

Within a few weeks of one another, two friends moved out of state and as a result, I inherited a lot of yarn, some of it hand spun. Of course, I was very excited about the acquisition, but as time and commission work came on, I found that there are a lot of these yarns I'll never use, either for myself or to make items for conventions.

One of my first cleanup tasks is to figure out what yarn I'll use. Anything that leaves my stash will likely go to KGC or others that may need it more than me. I encourage knitters, crocheters and other crafters to go through their stashes and think about what yarn you really need. We all got a certain type of yarn for a given project, and either never finished said project or figured out what to do with the leftovers. We all inherited yarn we'll never use. I encourage you to donate, either to stitch and bitch groups, or (yay!) your friendly neighborhood yarn bombers/artists. I know I have a task ahead...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So it's been a while since I have done this. Sorry 'bout that. I was buried under a mound of snow that just now melted. And what do I see once I am out...this

Yes, sir, it's a woolen coffin! To stay in business Hainsworth , a wool mill in England, has had to come up with new and exciting uses for wool. Ok, a coffin is not that exciting. But it is interesting. I wonder how long it would take to break down? Do you have to do all of that weird stuff to preserve the body that you have to do here in the States. Or can you and the wool just return to the earth. Hmmmm...

Ok, enough thinking about dying, back to knitting! See y'all tonight!

Things I wish I thought of first

Check these out!Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts

Brought to my attention by a local artist, these little crocheted portraits were carefully mapped out and then stitched together. Meeting Tuesday at 7:30pm!
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