Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

We are getting some feedback from the Elizabeth Park "massacre" and we're glad you loved it! The KGC would like to thank everyone who has supported us, including a Parks Department employee who stated that our bombing was a great departure from the condoms, garbage, and drug paraphernalia that usually litters the park. The reason why we chose to the Rose Garden was... well... I'll just say it. It's pretty damn ugly this season. No one goes there during the winter, and now they have a reason to.

Also, to those who have not figured this out yet, this post is a satire. A joke. Sarcasm. They loved it. 
Tonight the KGC takes over your airwaves.... almost. We're recording at WWUH. Air date TBA.

The first photo of the Historic Joy Kogawa House has been posted!
Can't wait to see more! Maybe some close-ups...

Looking forward to St. Patty's Day...

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  1. Hello! The radio interview will air this week: Tues. on WESU 88.1 fm at 1pm, Wed. at noon on WWUH 91.3 fm, and Thurs. at 6pm on WHUS 91.7fm. Soon to be posted at too!