Saturday, July 24, 2010

Domestic Pleasures

Hello all!

I stumbled upon this article in this week's copy of the Advocate and I think we should take a field trip to the Artists League of New Britain. Every second Wednesday of the month they meet to craft! We should join up with them sometime.
She's not about to convince you that the routine chore of folding laundry in any way approaches high art, but Melanie Carr does hope to bridge the gap between art and life in the group she leads for the Art League of New Britain, DomesticArt. The idea is to encourage the fusion of the domestic arts and fine arts - by mending clothes, knitting, working on art projects, building, sculpting, reading - together. Carr stresses, "you don't have to be an artist," because everyone can identify with domestic activities. Carr is now busy with creating "body plinths," an idea that came to her as she considered insulated walls at home. Why not remove the wall and edit the configuration so the insulation went straight to the body, she thought. So these grey felted modules offer seating or a warm place to lie down.  Join the group or check out Carr's show at the Grove Hill branch of the Boston Public Library this fall."

Wanna go check it out?

Carr's work can be seen here.

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