Sunday, April 4, 2010

Many faces of fibers

As of now, the piece in Day Park still stands. But someone managed to rip down half a tag on one leg of the sign on Capitol & Arbor. Oh well, we have pictures!

I still haven't found a place for my little dude, and I'm totally open for suggestions. I have another almost done, it's a little bigger this time. Pictures in a few days. ALSO - when should we meet? Actually, if I remember correctly we are again limited to one day this week... I just forgot when that day was, so I'll post that tomorrow.

Here's some inspiration found via NotCot. Nicolas Barreau, a student who has been educated all over the world (and demands permission before using his photos) can be found here. The piece linked is called "Animal Fractal," and portrays the use of man-made fiber outdoors in a more mathematical sense.
"Straight white lines which create curves. A mathematic game that makes the space between the trees usefull : we re-discover the nature's dimensions through a technologic eye.
A giant snail slaver, an Alien net, an insect road."
 Shira Keret, another impressive college senior, hails all the way from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. She designed this bench with Hadas Shalem.

I don't know about you, but this gave me a lot of ideas!

In my opinion, I'm saving the best for last. This came out last year, but I think it still needs to be shared. Seems to be the same exact neon acrylic yarn that I have! Oddly creative for a product that never made it big.... I wonder why....
MusicID is the slickest way to identify any song you hear on the radio, at the movies, at the club, at the grocery store, or anywhere! Simply hold your phone up to some music and MusicID will ID the song in seconds!

Tapping the largest music metadata collection and lyrics database in the world.

♫ Identifies audible music.
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 ... oh yeah. The internet!


  1. Outstanding work. BTW you guys inspired me to produce a spin-off, It's beer bottle road-art. Since us bike riders have to look at all your fucking asshole beer bottles, vodka bottles etc. in the gutter while we ride, I figured it would be cool to make it so motorists can view it everyday too.

    So Take a beer found roadside empty bottle and stick it on a roadside tree branch or stand it up on a bridge rail. Alcohol seems to grow on trees here in CT, and people need to see this and think about it a little as they hammer through our bucolic countryside.