Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Distance Relationship

Dear Long Lost Knitters,
I miss you, so I have been crocheting up a storm to represent my hometown. I had some competition on Valentines day. There were a bunch of yarnbombers in Dupont Circle with hearts, but they were taken down awhile ago. Mine have been doin pretty well though. I hope everyone is doing fantastically and I think about you guys every time I whip out a cable tie.

Here is a pic of my valentine's yarnbomb....I put another one up on twitter, but I wanted to share how I did it...Every metro car I was in for the entire day of Valentines, I put up a Heart on the top of the rails. I miss you guys, so I have to get into my own mischief. :)

Also, I went on a big adventure yesterday on my bike. I had a bunch of pieces I wanted to put up, and let me tell you, it's kinda hard to do so without a lookout. We all know I'm not so tall, so I have a story about one of the new pieces.

This one is in Grant Circle. It's in the middle of a traffic circle in the next neighborhood over from my place. I wanted to show that I'm still reppin the crew, so I took my pics wisely. I didn't want to yarnbomb any of the cherry blossom trees because they're pretty enough, but I know there is a man who plays his djembe in this park, so I thought I'd make it more comfy for him.

This next one, I'm pretty proud of. It is in an intersection next to a bus stop, so it'll get noticed, definitely. I didn't need any help getting this one done. Its about a little higher than my head.

This is the bomb I'm most proud of, on account of it's next to a bar called Meridian Pint, and it's up quite far. I did have to climb up on top of the post, and I almost fell a couple of times, but it was worth it. I know that many a drunk person will be confused by it, and it's bright pink, so it will stand out when the sun is going down this summer.

Stay tuned for what's goin down this easter... I'll give you a hint. Egg-celent, right? *punch me next time you see me for making up such silly puns*

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