Monday, January 17, 2011

Lost in Translation

I miss you guys! Let's try to meet this week, 7pm @ Real Art Ways. If we're snowed out AGAIN, I'll just lose it.

I haven't had any time to work on bombs because it seems like every time I finish a hat, someone asks for another. I want to do something big for Valentines Day. I'd like to get a chain link fence... mmm.

I stumbled upon this little gem here. Beware the text: if you use Google to translate, it's all Engrish.
In his first public communication campaign, the brand Golden Hook saw the big picture. Before describing the mechanics of the operation, it seems to me important to present this beautiful brand that has developed around a strong concept and new: fully customizable sell caps knitted by grannies in retirement.
To promote its range of scarves, the brand offers a Parisian treasure hunt, and every day, a statue is seen dressed in a scarf, clues are scattered through the accounts Facebook and Twitter Golden Hook, and the first on places leaves with the product at the claw of gold.
A mechanical advertising-used many times - and very recently for the series The Cape in New York - but perfectly functional. What makes this particularly remarkable speech-making is its coupling with a media plan in view. The visual of the campaign has a QR code - once flashed - access to an index.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The lovely ladies over at have a casting call on knitted & crocheted cherry blossoms.
Help Mandy and I yarn bomb a historic landmark and raise awareness for Joy Kogawa House!
Joy Kogawa, one of Canada’s most beloved writers, lived in the house as a child until her family was forced into the Japanese internment camps that Canada erected during the Second World War. During this time, her family lost their belongings and the house. After the expropriation, Joy used the house and her cherry tree in her fiction which has a central place within Canadian literature. The house was recently saved as a heritage site and will serve as a residency for writers.
We’ve worked with the gardener at Joy Kogawa House to ensure that it is safe to bomb Joy’s historic cherry tree during the winter. The fuzzy community creation will stay up until early spring, and then be cut away so that it can blossom naturally. We’d love for you to join us or to mail in some cherry blossoms to add to the tree!
 Let's help out and see how many flowers we can all knock out in a meeting!


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