Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winter is coming!

You haven't seen much from me lately, but that's because I'm saving up and I've got big plans. Downtown plans. By first snowfall I should have a lot done, and could use some extra help getting everything up! If you'd like to help in the meantime, I have a plethora of yarn.

I'm also in the middle of bombing the inside of my car. Pictures of that to come.

The West Hartford Art League is having a juried fiber exhibit entitled Out of the Loop. Unfortunately I think my ideas involving crocheting and stripper poles are not mature enough to go forward with! Maybe next time.

Last night we met at Tisane where I mistook gay night for trivia night! We had tasty drinks and a huge cookie! It's a great place for yarnwork, but I'd put the needles and hooks away once it gets late. Apparently the lights get dim no matter what you're doing : p

But really. First snowfall. I'm serious.

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