Monday, June 21, 2010

Plan B: Bomb Capitol

Plan A was quite different. I was all set for Real Ride hARTford (Click for pictures!). I finished pimping my ride (pictures soon!) Alas, I get a flat tire a mile in!!! Oh well, I made the best of it. I brought some tags and threaded needles with me on the ride for water stops! I must have gotten four up by the time I made it back. We'll have to go for a walk and get some pictures. It may also be a great idea to take more walks during our meetings to take pictures, scope out locations, and get some work up.

I know another little lady who recently got a tag up...only to have it removed days later! It was a beaut, but I was nicely "given back" the tag so it can go up somewhere else. Post that picture!

***We  have had a request to bomb the fantastic West End Hartford Farmer's Market!***
I'm going to scope it out tomorrow and  take some measurements and try to have something done in 2 weeks or less!


See you there!

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